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·         The IAMOT is committed to excellence in the field of Management of Technology worldwide through fitness in academic programs providing education in the MOT field.

·         Both self-assessment and peer evaluation provide the most effective assurance of accountability.

·         The term “MOT Accredited” implies that MOT-Accreditation Board (MOTAB) has studied the institution’s MOT credentials and have determined that this program meets or exceeds the standards which have been established and defined by the IAMOT.

·         Accreditation has two fundamental purposes: to assure the quality of an institution or program, and to assist in the improvement of the institution or program.

·         What IAMOT is after is assurance of the scope and quality of professional or occupational preparation of an individual to assume his role as an MOT professional and/ or researcher.



·         Letter of Intent

The program director or other appropriate representative of the program applying for accreditation shall submit a Letter of Intent to the IAMOT. The letter can be mailed or e-mailed as an attachment to an e-mail to:


1251 Memorial Drive

Coral Gables, Florida



Tel 305-284-4100,

Fax 305-284-4040,

Download Letter of Intent

Download Accreditation request form


·         Accreditation Workshops

o The MOTAB hosts accreditation workshops at the IAMOT Annual meetings and/or other regional conferences.

o Seminars and workshops may also be conducted via distance learning mode (not yet ready)

o Typical accreditation workshop will address the accreditation process and the preparation of the Self-study Report.


·         The Self Study and Report

o The Applicant program develops a Self-study Report (SSR), and sends it to IAMOT-MOTAB.

o The intend of the SSR is to prove to MOTAB that the MOT program being accredited uses best educational practices, both on delivery and contents of a sound MOT program supported by qualified faculty, staff, resources, and commitment by its home institution

o The SSR is a documentation of all the activities and various elements of the program that reflects the purposes and effectiveness of its current program. The applicant program should collect and present evidence which demonstrates that the MOTAB Learning and Performance Objectives are being met by the program. <Elements of the SSR are detailed in the Accreditation Manual – for approved Applicants>

o Once the SSR is received by IAMOT, an evaluation team is assigned by MOTAB for the assessment task. The team reviewers assess the SSR and prepare for an On-Site Visit.


·         The On-Site Visit

o Arrangements will be made for an on-site visit of the applicant program by the evaluation team after the Self-study Report has been received and reviewed by the evaluation team.

o Upon completion of the on-site visit, the evaluation team chairperson, working with his or her colleagues, will prepare an evaluation report and recommendation for submission to the MOTAB.


·         Accreditation Decision

o In its earliest meeting and guided by the evaluation report and its recommendation, MOTAB will decide on the program accreditation:

o Full Accreditation

o Conditional accreditation

o Denial of accreditation

(Details of the accreditation decisions are described in the MOT Accreditation Manual)




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