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MOTAB OVERVIEW________________________________________________

The International Association for management of Technology (IAMOT) started an accreditation program aimed at accrediting educational programs offering MS and Ph.D. in Management of Technology. To this end, we have established a procedure, developed the MOT accreditation manual, and we formulated the Management of Technology Accreditation Board (MOTAB) to administer the accreditation process.

This site is the official website for MOTAB. We will collect, assimilate, and post a wealth of information and resources related to MOT Education.

The site can be used by students for guidance, by academicians for the latest in MOT education, by practitioners and employers for hiring and for announcements related to career development, and by and institutions for accreditation of their MOT educational programs.We have organized the website for easy accessibility of information through the use of the icons and links and we welcome you to be a part of our MOTAB community.


 ACCREDITATION OVERVIEW________________________________________

  • Standards: The IAMOT, in collaboration with educational institutions, and practitioners established the MOT program accreditation standards and Manual.
  • Application: A letter of Intent and an application form are sent from institution or program seeking accreditation to IAMOT. Upon acceptance, program representatives attend IAMOT accreditation workshop.
  • Self-study: The institution or program seeking accreditation prepares an in-depth self-evaluation study that measures its performance against the standards established and published by the IAMOT.
  • On-site Evaluation: A team selected by IAMOT visits the institution or program to determine first-hand if the applicant meets the established standards and “practices what it preaches”.
  • Decision and Publication: Upon being satisfied that the applicant meets (or does not) its standards, the IAMOT grants accreditation status (Full, Conditional, or Denial) and lists the institution or program in an official publication with other similarly accredited institutions or programs.
  • Monitoring: The IAMOT monitors each accredited institution or program throughout the period of accreditation (6 years) granted to verify that it continues to meet the IAMOT standards.
  • Reevaluation: The IAMOT reevaluates each institution or program to ascertain continuation of accredited status. New certificate of accreditation would then be issued for another accreditation term.


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