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The IAMOT is committed to excellence in the field of Management of Technology worldwide through fitness in academic programs providing education in the MOT field. IAMOT has developed standards, established the MOT accreditation board, policies, and procedures, set forth in this manual as a means of assessing the ability of educational programs seeking MOT Accreditation to achieve the learning, performance objectives and desired outcome of MOT professionals. Realizing the advances in learning technologies, delivery modes, and the nature of the MOT field, the process is dynamic, and the interpretation of the standards is subject to change as environments, technology, circumstances and communities evolve.

Both self-assessment and peer evaluation provide the most effective assurance of accountability. Institutions that successfully complete the Accreditation review of their MOT degree programs are identified as “MOT Accredited” for this program. The term “MOT Accredited” implies that MOT-Accreditation Board (MOTAB) has studied the institution’s MOT credentials and through representatives identified by MOTAB have reviewed the MOT accreditation criteria, reviewed the self-study report being provided by that institution, visited and assessed the institution and the program; have determined that this program meets or exceeds the standards which have been established and defined by the IAMOT as documented in this manual.

Accreditation has two fundamental purposes: to assure the quality of an institution or program, and to assist in the improvement of the institution or program. Accreditation, which applies to institutions or programs, is distinguished from certification and licensure, which apply to individuals.

Accreditation may be conducted at either the institutional or programmatic level. Bodies conducting institutional accreditation consider the characteristics of whole institution. For this reason, an institutional accrediting body gives attention not only to the educational offerings of the institutions it accredits, but also to other institutional characteristics such as student personnel services, financial conditions, and administrative strength.

Bodies conducting programmatic or specialized accreditation, such as the IAMOT, conduct accreditation of programs preparing students for a profession or occupation. Such bodies are often closely associated with professional associations in the field. A specialized accrediting body focuses its attention on a particular program within an institution of higher education, and provides a basic assurance of the scope and quality of professional or occupational preparation.



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