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The IAMOT Board of Directors administers its accreditation functions through the MOTAB. The IAMOT Board of Directors is responsible for the appointments of the initial chairperson and members of the MOTAB who will carry out these accreditation processes. MOTAB shall consist of one chairperson, one vice chairperson, and nine members, and shall be comprised of representatives reflecting the diverse interests of academia, business, industry, government and allied professions. 

MOTAB members shall each serve for no longer than two consecutive terms, or a maximum of six years total. Members shall serve staggered terms. Members serving on the MOTAB should reflect:

  • A balance among the geographical location and wide range of educational institutions and programs served by the IAMOT.
  • A balance between academia, industry, and government.
  • No discrimination on the basis of race, age, religion, national origin, sex or disability.
  • Appointment, removal, and replacement of the MOTAB chairperson, vice chairperson, and members shall be in accordance with the procedures delineated in IAMOT bylaws.



In accord with other accrediting bodies, the MOTAB subscribes to and follows these guidelines: 

  • The highest ethical and professional behavior in the conduct of the accreditation process;
  • Recognizes that the primary purpose of its activities is the quality, fair and unbiased assessment and the enhancement of MOT education;
  • Recognizes that accreditation is a dynamic process, and that a program’s accreditation status is to be reviewed periodically;
  • Fosters the pursuit of excellence and assists in the improvement of management  of technology education programs;
  • Designs the evaluation process not only to obtain information for visiting evaluators, but also to stimulate an applicant program to evaluate and improve itself;
  • Ensures the effectiveness and objectivity of the accreditation processes, using only relevant qualitative and quantitative information and utilizing experienced and qualified evaluators;
  • Ensures that the accreditation processes recognize the diversity of management of technology education programs;
  • Respects the confidentiality of the evaluation process, communication and report(s) and recognize that the accreditation process is a professional confidential process between the applicant program, its institution, and the IAMOT; Refrains from receiving any compensation from the institution seeking accreditation or conditioning accreditation upon the payment of fees for purposes other than administrative fees and actual evaluation costs as set by IAMOT.

In addition, each member of the MOTAB:

  • Accepts and subscribes to the purposes of accreditation as defined in the MOTAB Statement of Mission and Objectives.
  • Does not discuss matters regarding the accreditation of a specific program outside of the formal parameters set by MOTAB review policy and refers all inquiries to the chairperson of the MOTAB and/or IAMOT.
  • Funnels specific discussion and/or concerns about a program’s accreditation through the chairperson and/or IAMOT.
  • Holds in confidence all documents that are prepared for MOTAB meetings.
  • Spends the necessary time preparing for MOTAB meetings in order to fully contribute to discussion and action.
  • Excuses himself/herself from deliberations or votes on decisions regarding any individual programs of which he/she is a former or current employee or trustee, consultant, business partner or supporter.
  • Does not participate in deliberations or vote on decisions in which he/she has any other personal interest that might reasonably appear to suggest loyalties or otherwise impair independent unbiased judgment.
  • Refrains from serving as a consultant, paid or otherwise, during his/her term on the MOTAB, and for at least one year thereafter, for programs that have formally applied to or are being evaluated by MOTAB for accreditation.


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