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The accreditation Process includes conducting a self study assessment by the program or the Institution seeking accreditation.  It is a guided process through which the program studies its educational contents, instructors credentials,  Management structure and practice, resources, relationship to its parent institutions and to other programs, methods and modes of delivery, target students and its advising and guidance process, interaction with the community and employability of its students, and identifying and highlighting its competitive edge.  The outcome of the study is documented in a Self Study Report (SSR).   The SSR is a master guide for students, instructors, and administrators, for the procedure, advising and running the affairs of the program.  The process also includes a site visit by IAMOT reviewers and the development of an assessment report citing program strengths and weaknesses in the program and recommendation regarding the accreditation decision. 

Being accredited has major benefits and impacts  a variety of entities that are involved in the educational process.  A partial list includes:


 To the Institution

·         Technology is a key for graduate educational Institutions.  Having an accredited MOT program will complement to a great extend technology incubation, Innovations, and technology commercialization; typically practiced by contemporary educational Institutions.

·         An MOT program complements R&D programs on all other disciplines


To the MOT Program

·         An Accredited MOT program will acquire up-to-date information about MOT best practice,  and new developments in the field.   

·         Recognition of the program Nationally and Internationally

·         Strengthen the program stature in the Institution

·         Student recruitment

·         New developments of delivery modes technology

·         Belonging to the MOT community

·         Networking and benchmarking with other programs through IAMOT

·         Self Study automatically leads to program quality improvement

·         Free consultancy through reviewers feedback


To the Students

·         The  SSR provides a complete information on the program, procedure, advising, and other related information vital to the student progress.    

·          Employability

·         Advising and career guidance

·         Opportunity for students to contribute to the program improvement through an impartial voice that of IAMOT reviewer(s)


To the Instructors

·         Availability of program Information, its strengths and shortcomings is a guide for students, instructors, and administrators in procedure, advising and running the affairs of the program.

·         Accreditation and monitoring guarantee program consistency and completeness.

·         IAMOT-MOTAB workshops and conferences provide opportunities for research and for the instructors to contribute to the best practice in the MOT field 


To the MOT Discipline

·         Development and continuous improvement in the discipline

·         Trends in the MOT programs and its markets

·         Developments in the delivery mode and its effect on knowledge transfer.

·         Opportunities for spreading the awareness of the MOT discipline

·         Networking the MOT educational community with the intent of spreading developments in the MOT, best practice, and bench-marking.

·         Conduct of related Tutorials and workshops


To the community at large

·         Accredited programs produces Quality Technology managers

·         Connection to the Technology world




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